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Non-Slip Supermarket Case Liners
 Item#       Description     Color      Price
CLNSG  Roll, 3'W x 60'L Green   $ 45.95
              Standard Thickness
These case liners have many great features besides just adding color to your display.
* Prevents product from slippage.
* Cushions case to prevent perishables from bruising.
* Tight mesh design catches small debris keeping case clean.
* Easy to cut with scissors to fit any size case.
* Makes a great presentation for meat and produce displays.

            Each roll is 3' feet wide x 60' feet long.

                 Standard Thickness
cellu-liner dairy case liner
Cellu-Liner Case Liner
Item#                           Description                              Price
CL30    30" inches wide x 250' feet long per roll  $ 59.95
Great way to protect cases in Meat and Dairy departments. Multiple layers of pure, highly absorbent tissue with plastic backing eliminates excess moisture to help prevent bacteria and odor. Liner soaks up excessive moisture to help protect your equipment, prevent slippage on floors from leakage, and reduces mold and bacteria build up. White liner reinforces your stores cleanliness.
non-slip case liners
Non Slip Case Liner - Black
Non Slip Case Liner - Green
Non Slip Case Liner - Red
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Super Thick
Provides extra cushion.
 Item#       Description     Color      Price
CLNSB  Roll, 3'W x 60'L  Black   $ 45.95
              Standard Thickness
 Item#       Description     Color      Price
CLNSR  Roll, 3'W x 60'L    Red    $ 45.95
               Standard Thickness
Supergrip caseliner - Black
Supergrip caseliner - Green
Supergrip caseliner - Red
   Item#           Description     Color      Price
CLNSG-ST   Roll, 3'W x 60'L Green   $ 62.95
                          Super Thick
   Item#          Description     Color      Price
CLNSB-ST  Roll, 3'W x 60'L  Black   $62.95
                        Super Thick
   Item#         Description       Color     Price
CLNSR-ST  Roll, 3'W x 60'L    Red    $62.95
                        Super Thick