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Plastic "T" Sign Base - Store Sign Holder

This versatile sign base is great for all types of signs. "T" base is 2-1/2"W x 3/4"H. Holds signs up to 1/8" thick sign. Inside channel track has numerous gripping fingers to hold thinner signs as well. 
Plastic Sign Holder
SB110B  3/4"H x 10"L Sign Base, Black  $ 1.69
SB112B  3/4"H x 12"L Sign Base, Black  $ 1.89
SB115B  3/4"H x 15"L Sign Base, Black  $ 2.09
SB118B  3/4"H x 18"L Sign Base, Black  $ 2.29
SB120B  3/4"H x 20"L Sign Base, Black  $ 2.39  
SB124B  3/4"H x 24"L Sign Base, Black  $ 2.89
SB128B  3/4"H x 28"L Sign Base, Black  $ 3.29
SB130B  3/4"H x 30"L Sign Base, Black  $ 3.49
SB110W  3/4"H x 10"L Sign Base, White  $ 1.69
SB112W  3/4"H x 12"L Sign Base, White  $ 1.89
SB115W  3/4"H x 15"L Sign Base, White  $ 2.09
SB118W  3/4"H x 18"L Sign Base, White  $ 2.29
SB120B   3/4"H x 20"L Sign Base, White  $ 2.39
SB124W  3/4"H x 24"L Sign Base, White  $ 2.89
SB124W  3/4"H x 28"L Sign Base, White  $ 3.29
SB130W  3/4"H x 30"L Sign Base, White  $ 3.49