5" Poly Wheel
w/ Axle & Lock Nut
ONLY $5.95
Blue on gray wheel. 225 lbs capacity

Need the Caster with the Wheel?
See Below!
Great way to make your customers shopping experience more enjoyable.
Easily replace those broken or wobbly wheels on your shopping carts so your customers can
easily and smoothly push and steer their shopping carts. 
Each wheel 225 lbs capacity. Long lasting, very durable. Great for stock carts and platter carts too!
Threaded Stem Caster Unit Complete w/ 5" Poly Wheel For Shopping Carts
CAST-1500003 Threaded Stem Caster Unit w/ 5" Poly Wheel $10.95 each

                                 Also available with 4" wheel.
Quickly replace those front shopping cart casters with this brand new unit.
Makes steering your shopping carts a breeze at an affordable price. 
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Available in 4" or 5" wheels
WH-4   4" Poly Wheel (Blue on Gray) w/ Axle & Lock Nut      $5.95 each
WH-5   5" Poly Wheel (Blue on Gray) w/ Axle & Lock Nut      $5.95 each
Shopping Cart Replacement Wheel Deal!